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Acupuncture for Relief

Acupuncture provides relief

Whether you have pain in the joints and muscles or dealing with pain from a deeper health condition acupuncture can be of much use and support.

Effective relief

Acupuncture has been proven to give effective relief from such diverse conditions as:

Chronic low back pain
Tension type headaches and migraines
Neck pain even if it is long term and chronic
& is a great adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain

Conditions it helps

Acupuncture can help give respite and freedom from many forms of painful conditions

For a comprehensive review and analysis from the World Health Organisation click on their link.
Or go to the British Acupuncture Councils site to see information sheets on conditions.


30 minute consultations are a chance to discuss your concerns and health issues before booking treatments.

Its totally understandable that you would want to check things out before embarking on a course of treatment. Consultations are free and a chance to ask the questions you want while Jon assesses possible treatments.

Call , Email
or book a slot online

Jon Price MBAcC

Jon Price is a British Acupuncture Council member and has extensive training in acupuncture, which includes anatomy and physiology and disease mechanisms from a western medical perspective in relation to acupuncture practice.

Patients seeking acupuncture for coping with pain make up a significant percentage of Jons practice.

BBC2 Acupuncture

Here is the link to the section on acupuncture from BBC 2's Trust me I'm a Doctor. It shows how we can understand its effectiveness from a scientific view point.

The treatment of choice

More and more research shows that acupuncture remains a relevant option when it comes to finding relief from pain in many of its guises.

Traditional Acupuncture practitioners have known this for a long time but now it is even the recommended treatment of choice for back pain by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence!

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