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Acupuncture for well-being

Acupuncture can restore balance

If you know you dont feel right or 100%, acupuncture can provide the ground for a shift towards harmony.

Feeling well for a productive full life

Approaching health with a focus on wellness, not just the absence of disease is one of the strengths of Traditional Acupuncture. It focuses on the interplay between your body, mind and deeper emotional states and the effect they have on your health and life.

It works towards your optimal health physically and emotionally, allowing you to be as authentic as possible on your life path.

The holistic approach

Body, mind and spirit is a term we might hear often when discussing health with a holistic focus. However, Five Element acupuncture considers these levels quite seriously. The link between physical ailments and the way we think about and experience life is clearer than ever. However, it has been a part of acupunctures broad view of health since its early conception.

The appreciation of how treatments might help if there are emotions or thought processes contributing poor health or the absence of vitality is high on the skill list of a Five Element acupuncturist.

Discuss treatments

To find out about what happens in treatment, the hair thin needles and warming the acupoints with moxa have a look at the FAQ's page.

Better still, call or email Jon with your query or book in for a consultation to discuss the full range of your health concerns and the changes you want to see.

"Treatments gave me physical & emotional relief"
HM - after 8 treaments

"Treatments gave me sanity, serenity & energy"

The treatment of choice

Many patients come to acupuncture with more than one set of symptoms or complaints. This complex picture often has unexplained symptoms within it.

Recent research in the UK regarding Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUPS) and acupuncture shows acupuncture treatment gives significant and sustained benefit for patients who frequently attend GP surgeries with medically unexplained physical symptoms.

This research was done using Five Element Acupuncture which is the style of acupuncture Jon practises.

And here is one of the many national news paper articles that discuss the positive effects acupuncture has on the mind and emotions; in this case with relevance to anxiety and depression. Express article.

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