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If the idea of acupuncture is completely new to you here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

 What is acupuncture used for?

The list of specific complaints acupuncture helps is actually too large to put on this page, suffice to say the amount of conditions it can assist with is broad. For a detailed look at what it can help with take a look at the World Health Organisations comprehensive list based on research and trials. You may also find the British Acupuncture Council research fact sheets useful for specific complaints.

Acupuncture also helps with general feelings of ill health and low energy that may have no specific cause or label.

 Are the acupuncture needles painful?

You will feel the needles but what you feel varies from point to point and person to person. Some people report the sensation as being dull and achey or like a quick pinch. What ever the sensation, it is short lived, with the most common after affect being relaxation or a feeling of peacefulness. Many of City Springs acupuncture patients find the actual time in treatment an opportunty for reflection and respite.

 Are the needles the only things used in acupuncture?

The Chinese character for acupuncture actually means needles and warming. The warming aspect is a fundamental part of most treatments and is done with something called moxa. Moxa is a herb from the mugwort family that is burned on the acupuncture points to supply the body with heat and stimulate and nourish it. The burning herb never gets close to the skin so the proceedure is experienced as gentle and fortifying. This technique can also offer an alternative to those who are truely needle phobic.

 What will happen in a treatment?

Your first session begins with an initial consultation then treatment which lasts around 90 minutes in total. A comprehensive personal history, past and current health concerns, as well as your lifestyle, work and personal situations will be the focus of inquiry. Essentially, a lot of talking things through happens before moving on to a brief physical exam and the first treatment.

Follow up treatments last 45 minutes and follow on from the first sessions findings and treatment. Rarely are two treatments the same as we are trying to create a progression from imbalance to balance. Your feedback and what Jon observes in each session will guide this progression.

 How many treatments will I need?

In the early stages of treatment sessions are relatively frequent. Commonly they are once weekly for five or six weeks. The aim however is to gradually increase the gap between treatments as the body adjusts until reaching a stage where maintenance or exploring your potential is much more the focus. This phase often involves a treatment frequency of between 4 weeks and 2 months.

 Are there types of acupuncture, if so what will I receive at City Spring?

There are many forms of acupuncture, traditional and modern. Those practicing traditional forms are more likely to have received extensive training acredited by the British Acupuncture Council. Five Element acupuncture is one form that takes this comprehensive traditional approach and is what Jon practices at City Spring. From a Chinese medical perspective, its focus is to address the root cause of illness by assisting and revitalizing the patient from deep within the body, mind and spirit. This essentially helps one live with optimum health and vitality as the treatments endeavour to support the natural healing power of the body.

 Can I have acupuncture with Western medicine?

Yes, acupuncture has been found extremely useful for people who have either not responded to conventional forms of treatment or wish to augment Western medicine. Acupuncture generally does not detract from the effectiveness of Western medications, but may instead enhance your results or help with side effects.

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