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Fertility Stories


I first saw Jon when my husband and I wanted to have a baby. I'd had a virus which left me with little energy and taking seven weeks off work.

Jon helped my energy levels to return and a few month later gave me a treatment which was supposed to help with fertility.

Four days later we got pregnant!

What can i say except he must have done something brilliant. I am certain that treatment helped us conceive.

Jon then continued to treat me monthly during my pregnancy and I bloomed.


After 3 years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive we were told that IVF was our only hope. After much soul searching we decided that we would begin our IVF journey. We knew the odds were against us but felt that we had to try.

I was keen to explore alternative therapies and contacted Jon regarding acupuncture. In October 2008 I began fortnightly sessions with Jon in the hope of preparing my body for the rigours of IVF. I always felt calmer and more relaxed after a treatment which couldn't be a bad thing.

In February 2009, whilst still continuing with acupuncture, I began my first IVF cycle. I visited Jon more frequently as egg collection approached, even having a treatment prior to the eggs being returned and another immediately after.

Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant and at our first scan discovered it was twins. I firmly believe that acupuncture assisted in the success of our IVF. I still continue my acupuncture sessions and also believe that this has helped me to have a relatively problem free pregnancy. I would recommend using acupuncture to anyone who is experiencing fertility difficulties or is beginning their own IVF journey.

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I first went to see Jon in 2008 after we had been trying to conceive for a year. His first question was 'what have you come to see me for?'. I fully expected to say 'fertility' but the first word out of my mouth was 'anxiety'. I had been suffering from anxiety on and off for 20 years and subconsciously that was obviously something I needed more help with.

Within a few months I realised that acupuncture helps with everything - your frame of mind, your inexplicable niggles and pains, your mood, your eating fads and as time went on I began to feel more in control, more balanced, more in touch with myself.

How does this relate to fertility?

I had acupuncture sessions around every four weeks and if I felt I needed anything in between I would give Jon a call and we would fit another session in. Over the next few years we embarked on 3 rounds of IUI treatment. To give the treatment every possibility of succeeding I came to see Jon for one session before and after each major part of the treatment. One to set me up and another to settle me down! I felt very calm throughout the process and know that the acupuncture sessions with Jon were instrumental in how I coped with the process and also the upset when I found out the treatments had been unsuccessful.

For me acupuncture became the first port of call for pretty much everything. Whether it was mental, physical or emotional I found that it helped and having some feeling of control was important to me.

We finally had our first round of IVF in September 2010. I had been seeing Jon regularly for years at this point and acupuncture had become a normal and integral part of my life. Once I had my IVF appointment times through Jon booked my acupuncture appointments at the times that would optimise my chance of success.

This time it worked and we were over the moon to find out that I was pregnant. Aside from immediate family Jon was the first person I told which will tell you how vital I think my acupuncture treatments were to the success of the fertility treatment.


I started having treatment from Jon about two years ago and during that time have received a lot of benefits, however when I found I was pregnant with identical twins in Jan 2011 I really had to put my trust in the treatment. As often happens with this type of twinning, my pregnancy was classed as high risk and there were several complications along the way. We were warned early on by our consultants that we'd be likely to have a poor outcome, however none of these things came to pass and I had two beautiful healthy baby girls in July 2011.

I felt very well during my pregnancy and had next to no symptoms apart from being rather tired towards the end. I am certain that regular acupuncture helped to support me both emotionally and physically through what was a very stressful time. I'm still having monthly treatments and it has really helped me cope with the sleepless nights and the rollercoaster of early parenthood!

Treatment with Jon is very relaxing and he creates a space where it's easy to chill out and be yourself. It certainly helps that he has a good sense of humour, but he also has plenty of genuine empathy when you need it. I'd certainly recommend him, seeing as I am an acupuncturist myself I should perhaps not be recommending 'the opposition' but credit where credit's due!

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