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Acupuncture in Birmingham for fertility and IVF support For fertility


Whether it’s IVF or trying to conceive naturally, acupuncture can support the process

Written by Jon Price this booklet provides more information on the approach acupuncture takes and how it helps patients.

Jon Price is the founder and clinical director of City Spring.

30 minute consultations are a chance to discuss your concerns and health issues before booking treatments.

It’s totally understandable that you would want to check things out before embarking on a course of treatment. Consultations are free and a chance to ask the questions you want while Jon assesses possible treatments.

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As people have become more informed and active in their own health care, acupuncture has become an increasingly sought-after form of treatment.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries and despite modern medical advances people still turn to it for help. This shows it is the approach that matters as much as the result.

This natural form of healing works towards creating a functional balance and place where the body can engage in its healing response as far as nature allows. Engaging with the body and mind in this way is the strength of acupuncture.

It helps thousands of people each year in the UK.

Contact us to talk through how it might help you.

The natural approach

Choosing City Spring Acupuncture

City Spring provides Traditional Acupuncture for a wide range of problems and health concerns in Birmingham.  All within a professional, comfortable environment.

Our acupuncture clinic based in Edgbaston focuses on:

Helping with your health problems while working to restore your natural balance and potential for vitality and well-ness.

Read Jon's article on Inspire Daily.  

Winter Tips

Here are some tips for looking after yourself this winter.

The holiday frenzy surrounding Christmas and the coming of the new year make it easy to overlook the milestone that winter actually is. But winter is the season that sets the stage for good health in the year ahead. It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on.

In acupuncture theory, the move from one season to the next is a significant event. Humans are viewed as microcosms of the natural world that surrounds them, so seasonal changes can greatly influence how we feel. Each season has an associated natural element, organ and emotion. Acupuncturists examine these associations to determine whether a person is appropriately adjusting.

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