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This page is here to provide extra information if you are a patient or thinking about having acupuncture.

Clicking on the links will hopefully lead you to sites or documents that add perspective to your treatments and give food for thought.

Start here with an after treatment advice sheet

Or watch the experience of acupuncture explained

Useful websites

Acutakehealth is a great site for patients created by Sarah Calabro. It focuses on acupuncture's multilevel view on health and its ability to assist in changing peoples lives.

This is the British Acupuncture Council webite where you can learn about its members and access lots of information on acupuncture including up to date research.

TV presenter Clare Nasir describing her experience of acupuncture with a British Acupuncture Council Member while undergoing IVF.

Useful books


The book Jon recommends most for patients and one that gives the clearest idea of how he treats and why is written by a well respected Five Element Acupuncture practitioner call Nora Franglen. You can buy the book from her site or Amazon.

Author: Nora Franglen
Title: The Simple Guide to Acupuncture: The Five Elements
Published: 2011 by SOFEA
ISBN: 978-0-9562039-2-2


For some patients changes in diet or emphasising the use of certain foods can really help bring about sustainable changes. Besides the obvious idea of a balanced diet in the western sense of protiens and carbohydrates etc there is also the Chinese idea of foods having energetic properties. This idea incorporates ideas such as cooling and heating foods, foods that act best on certain organs and ones that help remove pathogenic aspects such as phlegm or retained water. If you are interested in this subject here is the book Jon recommends.

Author: Daverick Leggett
Title: Helping Ourselves: Guide to Traditional Chinese Food Energetics
Published: Meridian Press; 3rd edition edition (Oct 1994)
ISBN: 978-0952464006

Personal Development

For those who are using acupuncture to help them shift old ideas, habits and patterns of health, reading inspiring and motivating books is essential. The author Jon recommends above all else is Geoff Thompson. Having met and talked with this Bafta winning writer confirmed to Jon the honest and down to earth approach Geoff has in his books. Shape Shifter is one of Geoff's many books that can help you create the changes you want to see in yourself. Also take a look at his website for further inspiration.

Author: Geoff Thompson
Title: Shape Shifter
Published: Summersdale
ISBN: 978-1840244441

BBC2 Acupuncture

Here is the link to the section on acupuncture from BBC 2's Trust me I'm a Doctor. It shows how we can understand its effectiveness from a scientific view point.

BBC2 Acupuncture

A full BBC documentary highlighting a reporters journey into acupuncture and its effectiveness.

Five Element Acupuncture in the UK

Acupuncture as a career

If you are interested in a career in acupuncture have a look at The Acupuncture Academy.

TAA offers a professional acupuncture training programme, five element based and taught at degree level; this allows graduates to apply for membership of the British Acupuncture Council on completion.


Jon works closely with Kate Walder, a Chiropractor who has a great understanding of the depth and intellegence the body has. If Jon thinks there are issues more suited to working with the structure of the body he may refer you to Kate.

Together Jon and Kate formed City Spring Acupuncture & Chiropractic. Click here for Kates page on thier site.

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