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About Jon

Jon Price, Taiji

Jon started training in martial arts as a child but became serious about it when he began training in Kung Fu in 1992. During his most serious training he won competitions and became national champion in traditional forms. Unfortunately over this time he accumulated various injuries. This however lead him at first to acupuncture and then in 2003 to Taiji.

His reason for seeking out Taiji was to recouperate from his injuries and a virus he no doubt picked up due to training excessively and therefore being quite depleted. Taiji did the job and over a period of time also began to show in Jon's outlook on life, which changed from being competitive and defensive to being more orientated to finding balance.

In Jon's Taiji journey he has had several teachers who have highlighted different aspects of Taiji practice.
After serving as an assistant to his main Taiji teacher for several years Jon began to teach his own classes.
Since then he has not only taught classes within Dragon Spring Taiji School but has combined his other teaching skills and acupuncture knowledge to provide courses elsewhere:

  • Taiji classes for City Hospital cardiac rehab unit. This work came out of an evidence base and research that showed how Taiji would be one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for people with cardiac problems even post operation.

  • Classes for the elderly as residents of homes and drop in centres in Birmingham.

  • Teaching Taiji principles and energy work to student acupuncturists as a way of experiencing their own energy.

  • Teaching Taiji to reception years and above for schools in the Sandwell borough as a way of introducing healthy lifestyle and stillness to young children.

  • Providing Taiji taster sessions for the Woodcraft Folk Bournville where children of varying age ranges are introduced to the relevance of Taiji culture and physical principles through the form.

While Jon still has some interest in martial arts he sees the deeper benefits of Taiji as much more appealing and so makes this the focus of his teaching and own learning.

He is a registered instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britian.

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