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Each patient is an individual with a unique experience of acupuncture and its benefits.

It is useful for those considering coming for treatments to hear how how sessions have helped.

Here is what some patients who have worked with Jon have to say about acupuncture.

Fewer problems, quicker recovery

"Jon came highly recommended, so I followed advice and booked an appointment. My main issue was digestive problems with lots of nausea. Within a few sessions improvements in my health were obvious. Since beginning my treatments I found that of my old health issues occur less often and recovery time is now much quicker. I have far more energy overall and feel very much like my old self again."

L, teacher

Migraine relief

"I came for acupuncture because of debilitating migraines and it has given me my quality of life back which I am grateful for. It has also helped me confront my fear of needles. I am now able to stay much more calm and relaxed when receiving treatment, whereas before I was extremely nervous about even seeing a needle let alone it even touching my skin. Now I am able to control my fear and have overcome it, because I just think about how much it has helped me. I would definitely recommend acupuncture to anyone."

Belinda, student

Providing support

"I originally came for acupuncture due to toothache and dental pain but have found it much more supportive than I imagined. Seeing Jon for monthly treatments has supported me through several tough times in my life."

M, Barrister

IBS help

"I have had irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years, and having tried various drugs and undergoing tests the medical profession have indicated they cannot help. I began to see Jon for acupuncture four years ago and have felt relieved that something can help. Jon is pleasant and sympathetic and the therapy room he uses is very relaxing. I see him once a month and if I have IBS at the time of treatment it is very effective, reducing spasms and stomach ache almost immediately. Between sessions I can have recurrence of my symptoms but these are less uncomfortable and there is longer space between bouts. Also I feel more relaxed and yet energised after each session. I would thoroughly recommend acupuncture to anyone who has digestive difficulties."

S Waggett

Relief from cystitis and balance

"In 2007 I decided to see if acupuncture could help my cystitis, which I had had recurrent and painful bouts of for a couple of years. I had 8 treatments over a period of 8 weeks with Jon, and since then it has only ever returned occasionally and very mildly. I still have acupuncture sometimes to help keep me in balance. If there is any change in my health then acupuncture is always an option I consider."


Treatment experience

“Jon is one of the kindest human beings I've met. Every session has been incredibly helpful and came about at the time when I needed it the most. The gentle and empathetic bedside manner that Jon has immediately puts you at ease. The curious creature that I am, I always asked a lot of questions and Jon was always happy to answer them and tell me what was being done, why and what effect it would have. And no, the needles don't hurt at all. One may feel a slight prick but that's all. Sometimes, I didn't even feel that.”


Free e-book

Written by Jon Price this booklet provides more information on the approach acupuncture takes and how it helps patients.

What patients say about City Spring

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