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Why Tai Chi in Birmingham

Tai Chi Classes

Why Tai Chi?

Through his experience as a practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi (Taiji would be a better way of pronouncing it) Jon is a firm believer in its therapeutic value.

Taiji is a wonderful way of paying attention to your body as well as working deeper into your being.

Through practice Taiji allows you to pay attention to muscle tension, structural alignment, and
encourages a relaxation of the mind and body. While moving through the postures of Taiji the practitioner begins to benefit from improved circulation, supple joints, and an inner calmness.

The low impact nature of the movements allow them to have a more nourishing quality than some other forms of exercise. This means Taiji is more accessible to a wider range of people, old and young.

It can also positively impact on the way we are in our daily life as the slow movements of the form actually allow you to feel what's going on in your body and your mind from moment to moment. When you do partner work you can take this greater awareness of self and begin to expand this awareness in relation to someone else.

What students say about Tai Chi

"When I joined Jon's Taiji class I was slightly nervous as I had never done anything like this before. I shouldn't have worried as by the end of the class I felt so relaxed and calm and knew I would be going back.

Taiji has benefited me in a positive way as I have become more mindful of my body and breathing and my sleep has become more restful.

I also enjoy the social aspect of the class as everyone is very supportive of each other which is a refreshing aspect for me."

"Since coming to Jon's class I have got in touch with my inner energies. I always leave class with more energy than I walked in with"

"Jon is an excellent teacher - I have done Taiji before but not like this. This is learning from the inside and through body awareness"

"While studying Tai Chi with Jon he has been extremely thorough, supportive and above all patient. His classes are always welcoming and enjoyable. He has a wonderful teaching style that is encouraging, postitive and accepting of everybodies abilities. I have also had the pleasure of taking one to one classes where he will spend time concentrating on the smallest of details to ensure that your understanding and experience of tai chi is fulfilled to the utmost. I cannot speak highly enough of Jon as a dedicated and passionate teacher."

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