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Acupuncture & your health

Acupuncture in Edgbaston Birmigham for fertility and mens health
Acupuncture works well for


Digestive wellness

Sleep problems

Anxiety & depression

Calming the mind and body

Fatigue and tiredness

Back to balance


​Acupuncture is about restoring balance as it focuses on wellness as much as the absence of disease or symptoms.  That means getting to the root cause of the problem 

It works towards your optimal physical and emotional health as it engages your body’s natural capacity for healing.  This makes it suitable for a broad range of health conditions and people of all ages.  

A holistic approach to health

The link between physical ailments and the way we think about and experience life is clearer than ever.



However, it has been a part of acupuncture’s broad view of health since its early conception.

The appreciation of how treatments might help if there are emotions or thought processes contributing to poor health or the absence of vitality is high on the skills list of a traditional acupuncturist.

"Recommended for anyone struggling to fix their health"

I found Jon through the recommendation but was still a bit skeptical at first because I had never heard of him before this.


However, after one session the difference was amazing. He helped improve my digestive issues, anxiety and low energy.


The difference he had made for me is so noticeable to everyone around me and so many members of my family have asked me to get them an appointment too.


I would definitely recommend to anyone who has been struggling with health issues and not getting anywhere with fixing them.

Ghaznah - banking analyst

A good choice

Many patients come to acupuncture with more than one set of symptoms or complaints. This complex picture often has unexplained symptoms within it.

Research carried out in the UK regarding Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUPS) and acupuncture shows acupuncture treatment gives significant and sustained benefit for patients who frequently attend GP surgeries with medically unexplained physical symptoms.

This research was done using Five Element Acupuncture which is the style of acupuncture Jon practises at City Spring.

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