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Acupuncture for male health

Acupunture for prostatitis,erectile dysfunction in Edgbaston Birmingham
Find out how acupuncture can help :
  • prostatitis

  • issues with sperm morphology and motility

  • erectile dysfunction

Men often visit City Spring Acupuncture for:
  • sexual vitality & libido issues

  • improving athletic performance & recovery

  • Pain relief (back, neck, shoulder injuries)

A special interest clinic

In recent years more male patients have been using City Spring to look after their health.  This has lead Jon to develop a special interest in treating health issues specific to men.


Jon is also interested in gearing acupuncture to generally looking after male patients and the stresses and strains of everyday life that can have an impact on their health.

Acupuncture support

Emotions such as fear and anger can get the best of us from time to time.  Unexpressed they may turn into anxiety and depression.  Unfortunately this is the case for many men as they deal with the stresses and strains of their work and personal lives.

Acupuncture can be a tool that allows a release of the pressures that slowly erode health


Jon sees many male patients who use acupuncture to restore a better quality of life and a way of getting on with whats important to them.

A healthier life

Acupuncture can also play its part in dealing with and finding freedom from addictive behaviour.


Jon has worked with male patients who's physical and mental health has suffered from;

  • sex addiction

  • pornography addiction

  • alcohol & drug addiction


Working at strengthening and reinforcing health at all levels is a way of finding the inner strength and resolve to look at these addictions and what lies beneath them. 

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