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Acupuncture & assisted reproductive technology

Find out how acupuncture can help you:
  • relieve stress

  • optimise health for better chances of conceiving 

  • find balance and a calmer mind

It has become very common in recent years for women to seek acupuncture treatments in preparation for and while they are going through ART (assisted reproductive technology), especially IVF.

Acupuncture can provide assistance during this time on several levels:

The first and most obvious level is in the reduction of stress and optimising your health as far as possible.


Taking time to talk through your situation before and during treatments is part of the process in working with and dissolving the stress impact on your body. Ideally, working at this level, it is best to commence acupuncture sessions 6-8 weeks before your IVF process begins.

IVF and acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the ways of ensuring you are doing all you can.

Several studies have highlighted the benefits of acupuncture specifically on the day of embryo transfer.

They showed that treatment before and after transfer was the best way of using acupuncture to maximise its benefits.

In most cases Jon will advise a before-and-after treatment on the transfer day.

Being located in Edgbaston this is particularly convenient for patients using the Birmingham Women's Hospital or the Priory Hospital.

Working with the process​

The second set of benefits acupuncture provides while patients are undergoing IVF are based around the possible stages of the process and how acupuncture aims to optimise them or help with the side effects they create. The protocol developed out of several research outcomes that Jon's treatments are based on aims to:

  • improve egg quality

  • improve embryo quality

  • improve quality of the endometrium

  • reduce unwanted side effects of drugs

  • regulate hormones

  • reduce chance of miscarriage

  • strengthen the immune system


Evidence for acupuncture’s help is slowly growing but what is most important is the idea behind acupuncture and that it provides “whole system” support.  

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